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Kay Snow Award
Willamette Writers Oregon.


Australian Bush Solstice


We party on the new pine deck

launch forth our summer joy

sautéed in garlic ginger echoes

bathed in Joni Mitchell’s chords.


The bush is loud, hysterical

Kookaburras spilling riot-red laughter

silent kangaroos

grazing, listening.


Our revelry bounces off full moon light

flashes between stampeding clouds

as a summer storm excites the air

crackling the blue-green gums.


Party into jasmine-mango

barbequed prawns drinking yeasty

bubbles watching clockwork spiders

spin yarns.


Then a moment lily still

paparazzi moonlight catches us

faces uplifted

silhouette stenciled

into lavender summer night.


2021, 2022


Dorland Mountain Arts Residency 2021

June 2021

A one month residency in Southern California to work on my poetry manuscript. Surrounded by vistas with other artists nearby, it was a blessing to receive this residency.

Salem Art Association Poet- Artist Residency

All 2021

The Salem Art Association (SAA), in cooperation with the Mid-Valley Poetry Society (MVPS), offers residencies for poets and visual artists to create collaborative works in residencies at the SAA Annex, to share their process with the public during their residency, and to display the work created in a 2021 exhibit.
I am working with artist Ann Altman to create a collaborative project to be exhibited in January 2022.


April/May 2022 Residency. Finishing the manuscript for the tossing dream to be published by Finishing Line Press.

Dorland Mountain Arts, California.


UPROOTING will be launched October 25th via zoom at 7 pm.

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