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Awakening the Performing Body is an exemplary work of practice-based research presented in a pedagogical format. This text is clearly laid out for any acting teacher who wishes to pursue a more spiritual approach to acting and participate in the goal of reclaiming the sacred in theatre - or indeed for any acting teacher who seeks a more body centered and imaginative approach to character and actor-audience connections. This book is a crucial contribution to acting pedagogy. Per K. Brask, University of Winnipeg, Canada Here at last, is a deep, probing and totally fascinating inquiry into the palpable yet unseen forces at work and at play in the theatre. McCutcheon, flaming torch in hand, has entered the mysterious dark cavern where one knows there's a magic exchange. AWAKENING is an awakening - to link mind, body and spirit - to holistically mine acting education where the WHOLE person is engaged, so that magic we long for and crave, becomes something you can actually set out to entice into the light - not something one hopes might appear if we are lucky. An extraordinary work. Dean Carey, Artistic Director/Founder, Actors Centre Australia

“Embodied Consciousness: Performance Technologies … is a collection of essays focusing on the category of human consciousness and its significance for performance studies. … represent the most recent developments in the encounter between science, theatre and performance and are highly recommendable for anyone who is interested in learning more about these fields. … thus present the reader with an impressive range of approaches and frameworks, exploring the exciting and quickly expanding dialogue between science and performance.” (Elżbieta Baraniecka, Journal of Contemporary Drama in English, Vol. 3 (2), February, 2015)

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Narrative in Performance

A far-reaching and engaging overview of the role of narrative in dance and theatre performance, bringing together chapters written by an international range of scholars and subsequently creating a critical dialogue for approaching this fundamental topic within performance studies. Drawing on historical and contemporary examples of a variety of different performance genres, the book will provide a method for exploring the context of a particular form or artist and enhance students’ ability to critically reflect on performance. '

Unlike many anthologies, this collection is hard to put down. Reading the work of these scholar-artists cover to cover brings one into a conversation that is vital and necessary and deeply rewarding. – Ray Miller, Appalachian State University, USA

This book asks a lot of essential questions. It asks that we reflect on narratives written on and in bodies, that we challenge narratives of cultural, historical and political identification and it questions how narratives of creativity might appropriate, subvert and re-write those stories'. – Louie Jenkins, University of Chichester, UK

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