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It dropped hard

but sponge soft

onto an already beaten road

twenty twenty fell like a mammoth

from a forgotten karmic star

right on top of our

self-righteous heads.

It was as though the sidewalk

cracked apart

while we were out walking

looking at the birds

watching the leaves fall.

as the sidewalk cracked

open there was nothing there

just an infinite deep-dark space

with the soft haunting song

of Cassandra in the distance.

Twenty twenty was often a term

used to describe perfect vision

to look ahead

to understand what’s coming

because we know now

that not seeing what is

in front of our face

in front of our

very own eyes

can get us killed.

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Free From Monsters

March 2020

Free From Monsters is a collection of poetry and writings from survivors of abuse from all walks of life. It is a great testament to each writer's personal strength that they not only submitted their work but also chose not to remain anonymous. Silence is our enemy.
Thanks to Sable House, Abby's House and Western Oregon Univeristy Press for their vision and assistance with this publication.
Please contact me if you would like a copy, they are $8 each. Proceeds got to Sable House, Dallas, Oregon.


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