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Recent poetry


A Little Dinner Darling?

Chop, thwock, wok

crock thop

chutta chutta whoomph whoomph

choppa choppa thwack,

can the breadboard take it?

Sense blasting

garlic ginger,

onion oopsadaisy

into betty’s frying pan,

sizzle pop

watcha got?

Edible smells

soak the air

garam masala, cardamom,


betty’s pan transmutes

it all

into lava

like erupting gangbusting


of fistful rapturous


that whackydoo

the senses

mesmerize the mind

tornado the room

and smack my tired

old being

into next year

oh yes, a little dinner




She pointed me
towards the horse chestnut
‘there’s a room in there’
so I wandered
across green themes
looking for the room
hiding in invisible edges
moving shadows
spattered light
how is nature a room
I ask?
How is a tree
a room?
especially the horse chestnut
where no liminal
spaces invite
a potential tea party
not like the moreton bay fig
also called the Australian
banyan tree
where huge bark
arms enfold
a child’s wild story
where the branches
re-enter the earth
forming caches
and larders
dungeons and castles.
Not even like Enid Blyton’s
Faraway Tree
where the inhabitants
like moon face
and the saucepan man
test the climber’s
tenacity on the
way to the top
where another land
or room awaits.
I stand confused
under the great horse chestnut
willing a room
to appear
and then i see it
a light
attached to the trunk
where there is a light
there is a room
I must be close!
I see no edges
no ladders
no moon face
but wait
I pause as
the sun shrieks
across a chestnut leaf
here is


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