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The Poet & The Painter. Radio interview.

A pack of 44 cards to inspire and amuse. Artists Ann Altman, poet, Jade Rosina McCutcheon.

Check out the latest work by jaderosinamccutcheon. Beyond The Fog took them all over the world while being written, and the outcome is an influential page-turner unlike any of their prior projects.

Jade Rosina McCutcheon reads from her new chapbook, SMALL FEATHER and discusses her work in poetry, theater arts, and the intersections of performance and literary arts.

Radio interview with Steve Slemenda

Uprooting cover Sep 2022.png

UPROOTING: Surviving Domestic Violence

Still in process, hopefully to be published early 2023

A collection of poetry, art and writings by survivors of domestic and sexual abuse with some clear steps about surviving such ordeals.


Old Tea

It’s a lapsang souchong kind of day

where old leaves blow and great trees sway

when the birds are gone and floorboards creak

I look out my window, take a quick peek.

The neighbor’s flag is blustering wild

declaring itself like a precocious child

‘I’m hard-won and glorious, full of old wars

look, can’t you see me I want some applause’.

The wind suddenly drops, I stop sipping my tea

the flag just collapses, is it finally free

of having to dance and strut, forced this way and that

just like soldiers ‘a ratatatat’.

Lapsang souchong is an old smokey tea

invented from wars between Ming and Qing dynasties

like Roquefort cheese it survived deadly wars

I swallow a sip, there’s heat at the core.

The wind just picked up, old oaks moan and sway

jungled thoughts are gathering, blowing my way.

I listen to news, more stories of war

old tea and old cheese, limp flags

hanging, what for?


Paint & Write the Town

Elsinore Art Gallery, Salem, Oregon. October 1 -29, 2022

Section from 'The Religion of Art' for this exhibition.

Eyes drink like a glutton

art’s poetry soaks my skin.

Shhh, I am here in church

trying to listen

all the captured thoughts

calling out to me

important things

like ‘go deeper’.