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We Have But A Moment


I am working on a second poetry chapbook 'We Have But A moment' in response to Covid-19 and the climate change.

Secret Song Catcher

I know you before I see you

cheeky rich musky grey possum

hurling brown nut macadamia tree

one thousand footed impossible centipede

I smell you before I see you

shy pink giggling daphne

seductive sweet rapturous wisteria

potent sunset red arid buck kangaroo

I feel you before I see you

silver light splayed across magical ocean mist

aquamarine too blue, too deep sea

naughty imp of wind tugging my soul

I hear you before I see you

gurgling musical maestro magpie

infuriating miniature annihilating mosquito

snorting old brickhouse wombat

I see you as you meet me

old healing tree deep earth

soaring hands secret song

catching arms of my one-earth life.

New South Wales trip Aug 09 251.jpg

What is happening to our earth?


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