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THE TOSSING DREAM by Jade Rosina McCutcheon


Short lines, syncopated rhythms. These unrhymed, unmetered lyric poems give pleasure akin to that of rhymed, metrical verse. And they are full of intense color, reminiscent of Fauvist and Expressionist canvases. They create an experience of synesthesia: sounds have color, color and light have sound. They reflect a deep sense of connection to non-human fellow creatures and to the earth we share with them. And they find light in the least likely places. Indeed, though some of the subjects are dark—a mother’s last days, difficulties of a brother far away, wildfire and other (un-)natural disasters, pandemic and related societal ills, mental malaise—the overall tone is light. When a screaming bark wakes the poet in the small hours, she joshes the culprit, a red fox, “Did you sign up / for that piercing scream / or was it just / the luck of the draw?” Addressing her brother, “earth weary old man / silver bright mind / on old giraffe knees,” the poet urges him, “Be light / upon yourself / be light / unto yourself.”

–Eleanor Berry, A former teacher of writing and literature at Willamette University, Marquette University, the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, she is 2014-2016 President of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies and a past president of the Oregon Poetry Association. Her poetry has appeared widely in journals and anthologies. Author of Works of Wildfire and three earlier poetry collections.


UPROOTING: Surviving Domestic Violence

This book is for any woman who has experienced domestic or sexual abuse, for the people that love them, and those who are still seeking a way to escape from an unhealthy relationship or abusive environment.

Uprooting: Leaving the Cycle of Abuse
Jade Rosina McCutcheon & Kristin Thomas
Uprooting: Leaving the Abuse Cycle is a full-color anthology of poems, visual art, and stories from survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. The book is framed around Portia Nelson’s famous poem “Autobiography in Five Chapters” (from the memoir There’s a Hold in My Sidewalk) and offers helpful information and resources for women looking to leave and recover from a cycle of abuse.

POETRY: Latest Work

Early Praise for Uprooting:

The anthology, Uprooting, contains the record of over 21 women who bear witness to the wretched destruction caused by emotional and physical abuse. But—most significantly—the collection also offers proven ways to escape and transcend such devastation. Daughter, mother, wife, these writers and visual artists—many published for the first time—reach out to other women, providing a tested path toward an abuse-free life. This sisterhood extends a lifeline to other sisters.

—Paulann Petersen, Oregon Poetry Laureate Emerita

September 2023

POETRY: Latest Work
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