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Poet, Writer, Scholar.

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 Jade Rosina McCutcheon

A semi retired theatre director and professor Jade has been living in Oregon for five years and her poetry has been published in Australian poetry journals such as SCARP, ‘Leaves’ and ‘Wiradjuri’ as well as in 'Terra Incognita' (Bob Hill publishing 2019, Oregon). 'Fair Art' won second place in the Kay Snow Awards 2019 and 'Australian Bush Solstice' won runner up in the Kay Snow Awards 2018. Jade’s first chapbook 'Small Feather' will be published by Finishing Line Press this September.
The photo to the left is from the play 'Elephant's Graveyard' written and directed by Jade at The studio, Mondavi Centre for the Performing Arts in Davis, CA.


Radio Interview with Jade, KMUZ, Oregon. 2020.

Interviewed by Steve Slemenda.

Have a listen.



September 05, 2020

In Jade Rosina McCutcheon’s first published collection, we encounter an art fair that “arrives / in hottentot orange heat / and settles like a peacock / feather on an emerald field”; we observe a bag woman who gathers “galaxy dust / bag by bag”; and we contemplate a woman at a Melbourne train station who waits “for a / spirit beast / or a medicine woman / to follow the tracks / on her arm / make sense / of her life.” The imaginative poems in this debut chapbook give us a first
sample of McCutcheon’s penchant for striking and often surreal imagery. Here, words call to us, evoking “a madrigal circus of apricots / dressed as sirens / in the distance.”
—Paulann Petersen
Oregon Poet Laureate Emerita

Order your copy today from Finishing Line Press.

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Jade Rosina McCutcheon

Australian Bush Solstice

We party on the new pine deck

launch forth our summer joy

sautéed in garlic ginger echoes

bathed in Joni Mitchell’s chords.

The bush is loud, hysterical

Kookaburras spilling riot-red laughter

silent kangaroos

grazing, listening.

Our revelry bounces off full moon light

flashes between stampeding clouds

as a summer storm excites the air

crackling the blue-green gums.

Party into jasmine-mango

barbequed prawns drinking yeasty

bubbles watching clockwork spiders

spin yarns.

Then a moment lily still

paparazzi moonlight catches us

faces uplifted

silhouette stenciled

into lavender summer night.

Jade Rosina McCutcheon

Honorary mention, Kay Snow Awards 2018.